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Message From The President

As time goes by, the AGCCGC has been established for almost four years.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. When I looked back on the past, I understand that the reason why the Chamber can develop steadily, this is inseparable from the sincere contribution of our committee, and it is also resulted from the friendly interaction and cooperation with our African friends. With the background of globalization neither of any individual , enterprise , and nation can be a single unit , each of us are linked together and not alone. If peace and development are the theme of this new era , mutual cooperation would be the trend presently.

For many years, I always believe that if a company wants to be bigger and stronger, it should not be too self- oriented as this would only limit our vision and imagination. We have to go out, broaden our visions and develop more spacious possibility in order to win for more business opportunities. Luck is always reserved for who are well prepared. From my own point of view , the Chamber is a good platform, this is the bridge for the interaction and cooperation with Africa which in result to promote the mutual benefit in the Sino - African relation.

20 years of business life in Africa, there is a deep feeling for me to this continent. This is not only from the welcome of indigenous passion and local customs, but this also proves the boundary less potential of African development in the future. I truly believe with a good insight of business opportunity, this would bring a win-win situation among us.

There is a unique destiny for every era while its mission would lead to the future. In the coming future, I wish we would always persist the belief that can generate a sincere cooperation with the principal of sharing vision, development and achievement. We work hand in hand to develop the Chamber which contribute our effort for the Sino- African interaction and cooperation , thus we build for a better tomorrow

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